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Typefaces are such a basic commodity they are rarely noticed consciously.

Good typefaces still leave an impression on the recipient’s mind.

So get your own typeface.

Screenshot of the design process of a sans-serif typeface.
Fujitsu BSH
Rivian NDR
General Motors Mercedes-Benz
dyson habitat

Typefaces are best judged in their natural habitat. If you would like to know what to expect from our work, these are a few places to have a look at.

And then, ask us about your own custom typeface.

Small changes in existing fonts, script extensions, creation of bespoke typefaces – name it, we’ve done it all. Do not hesitate to ask us about the simplest and the most complex things regarding typeface design and production.

And in case we really can’t do it ourselves, we know whom to ask – our network of renowned type experts is always at your fingertips to deliver the best outcome.

Whether you need technical assistance with a font or consider commissioning a custom typeface: we have your back.

Several years in type business, we offer all kinds of type-related services:

  • new typeface designs
  • expansion of existing type families
  • technical and design modifications
  • standardised typefaces (e.g. DIN EN ISO 15008:2017-07)
  • multi-script extensions/language support
  • OpenType features
  • screen optimisation
  • webfonts
  • logo reworking

As a small studio with a network of distinguished experts, we combine the best of both worlds: we consult personally and promptly, are able to tackle projects of any size and charge reasonable rates.

Now benefit from our skills.

A person designing a typeface with a MacBook.
People at a desk consulting about typefaces and typography.

Typography is at the heart of many fields in design. Corporate, editorial, UI and web design – all heavily rely on typesetting in a myriad of circumstances.

Many typefaces work best in particular situations. Let us help you develop a sustainable understanding of what influences a typeface’s purpose. We’ll give tangible consulting on the matters at hand – and explain how we obtained it.

As typography is a wide field both technically and artistically, it is helpful to polish up your abilities from time to time. We handle these topics every day and are eager to share our expert knowledge.

Workshops, online or on-site, – fix a date now.

is the typeface design practice of Felix Kett situated in Aachen, Germany.

Started in 2019, it draws on his cumulated experience of studying at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences (BA) and University of Reading (MA), working at URW Type Design GmbH and Monotype GmbH, and collaborating with various clients on font engineering and typeface design matters.

A map showing the office location near Aachen, Germany